Waste.Live Demo Center

These demos provide a summary of the features and functions of Waste.Live. Waste. Live extends your waste management system with analytics, feedback and in-app guidance.

Demos cover a wide range of Waste.Live’s capabilities including:


Uploading Images of Problematic Areas

Citizens upload pictures of the waste hotspots around the city and tag them. Using their geo-tag, the city administration can track these photos and report them to the respective waste management company.


Filter data for better optimization and actionability

Create a list of actionable items as a cross-reference of multiple tags (Beta Version). A combination of Dustbins & Transfer Sites will give areas where basic collection infrastructure needs to improve


Create Reports with valuable insights

Waste.Live uses GIS & Machine Learning to identify images reported by citizens and sends the data to the Waste.Live Admin Dashboard, a powerful cloud platform, via IoT provides cities with data-driven decision making.


Engaging Citizens in Smart Waste with social reponsibility

Citizens can access even information about the reported cases, request a pickup or maintenance. Users can upload garbage images at the click of a button. By reporting real-time feedback, citizens are making their city cleaner

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